“This band saved my life!!!!!”

A lot of people say “this band saved my life!” and a lot of people make fun of them for it.

Which is kinda bullshit.

When I was younger I thought “this band saved my life!” was a stupid exaggeration.
But then my depression got worse and guess what:

A band saved my life.

See, it’s not really an exaggeration, I learned. There’s no stupid reason not to commit suicide. And that includes wanting to see a band live, or waiting for their next album, or even just knowing that dying means less time to enjoy this band.

I was suicidal last summer. I had a plan and everything.

But then I heard that one of my favorite bands was releasing a new album and I wanted to wait til it was released to hear it. It wouldn’t be released til partway through the school year. Well shit, I guess I had to keep surviving til then.

I got to a point where I was like, fuck it, who cares about this band. And then they released a single from the album and it was about being kinda fucked up but still being alright and I cried at 6am after pulling an all-nighter right where I was when I heard it. You can ask my best friend Anisha, I woke her up to rant about it I was so emotional about the song. (She’ll tell you I threw a shoe at her. That’s a lie. I only considered it. I told her I considered it but did not actually follow through.)

I remember replaying the song over and over again until I had it memorized within an hour. I remember making those lyrics my motto: “But I’m Alright Though.”

Those lyrics got me to call my doctor and get new medication. This band got me to last through the first half of my sophomore year of college. This band gave me hope when I got out of my inpatient stay when my depression got worse again. This band gives me something to look forward to because I want to be a professional lighting designer and I WILL design one of their tours one day.

So go ahead and make fun of me for liking a band, for saying they saved me. At least I’m still around for you to do so.

(Stop making fun of people for their interests though, like seriously, it’s a dick move.)

((I’ve been made fun of for liking 5 Seconds of Summer but fuck those assholes who made fun of me, I’m still alive.))


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  1. I’m glad you’re still here. People who makes fun of others because of their interest are ignorant. I love 5sos too and I’m not even in their age demographic. Their music and personalities are one of my favorite ways to de-stress after work. Keep hanging in there.

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