S(t)igma Kappa Tau

These are the seniors, both active and honorary, of Sigma Kappa Tau this year.
With all my senior friends graduating, it’s got me thinking, especially about the sorority that brought most of us together.

While it’s true that I’ve met so many people in so many different ways (such as Alpha Psi Omega or Alpha Phi Omega or any of the random activities I do on campus), Sigma Kappa Tau is what sticks out to me. Hell, many of my friendships with these people started outside of my sorority and expanded once we were able to call ourselves sisters.

The Lunar Eclipses: Pledge Class of 2015
So why do I put so much effort into my sorority when I can easily be friends with these people without these letters? Why do I care about a group that isn’t even a national one with a ton of connections?

Because it’s taught me perseverance.

The Fox Family
I can’t say what it’s like for the other sororities on my campus, but I know how crushing it is to see other sororities get new pledges of thirty minimum every year, when we can’t even break ten.

I know how heart-breaking it is to have to vote on whether the group – a group that is over 100 years old – should shut down due to lack of numbers.

I know there’s a good handful of us that didn’t put the KTs as our first pick. And that’s ok. Because we’re still sisters. And I know all of us ended up glad that we ended up KTs.

Me and my big, Raven
It’s disheartening to constantly be on the cusp of too small. It’s terrifying.

But we persevere.

The new Bat Family! Anna and I with our little, Mariam!
We’re small, but that doesn’t make our sisterhood any less strong.

And, personally, I need that strength.

I struggle daily with my depression and anxiety, with my Tourette’s and autism, with all the ableism and transphobia and queerphobia I face.

I struggle and often I want to give up. But then I remember that Sigma Kappa Tau has been refusing to back down for more than a century now. This group, which has been forgotten at times, has been called desperate or boring, has been mocked directly to our faces, has persevered because there’s nothing that can shake it’s importance to us.

img_9025I will hold the bonds created in this sisterhood close to me even after I graduate.

We’re not the most popular, but we’re still here. And to quote a musical like the theatre kid I am, “I’d rather be nine people’s favorite thing than a hundred people’s ninth favorite thing.”

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