4:37 am

As I sit out on my grandparents’ deck at 4:37 in the morning in Michigan, of all places, I realized something.

I’m my own coming of age story.
It’s not my favorite one, but it’s the one I’m living, you know?

I have Praying by Kesha playing in the background as I write this and I’m tearing up because I know things are always gonna be kinda bad.

It’s unavoidable.

But I have moments like this. Moments where it’s peaceful despite everything making my life feel like it’s falling to pieces around me.

Yeah, maybe I’m out here because my insomnia is kicking my ass and my Tourette’s is acting up.

But I’m comfortable and listening to a beautiful and moving song by a woman who fought to escape her abuser and came out stronger. And that’s pretty great.


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