The KTs as John Mulaney Bits

One of my favorite comedians is John Mulaney, and it’s pledging season for my sorority. So I thought, “Hey, let’s make a list of the current KTs as John Mulaney bits.” This is the result. I don’t know how to embed videos, so just follow the links, but anyway, enjoy.

Let’s start with my pledge class, also known as the best pledge class, the Lunar Eclipses:
Me (Jack/Jake): New In Town
Brii: Old Murders
Ashley: The One Thing You Can’t Replace
Marlen: Real Estate
My: We Should Hang Out

Next is the Midnight Roses pledge class:
Anna: Old Gay Man
Rose: Taking Care Of Myself
Kaylynn: A Child With Lawyers and McDonald’s
Emma: Delta Airlines
Madison: Trying His Best
Mariah: Scarface, Amnesia, and One Hundred Million Dollars

And now the Blue Moons:
Jenn: French Bulldog
Ha: Quicksand
Mariam: Test
Kenna: Law & Order and Mr. Jerry Orbach
Kinsey: The Xanax Story

The most recent pledge class, who I think have currently named themselves SKaTe or Die? It keeps changing so I’m not sure:
Chloe: Crime News
Isabel: Basketball
SophiaRose: Mr. Finch Part 1 & Mr. Finch Part 2
Meghan: The Salt & Pepper Diner

And lastly, our honoraries and sweethearts:
Leah: You Know Who’s A Great Lady?
Muriel: Too Big, Too Fast
Jess: Whiskey Or Perfume
Sarah: Math and King Solomon
Brooks: Blacking Out And Making Money
Mikey: On The Street


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